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Who we are

Al-Raya store was opened on 70th Street in Jeddah with a small 1700 sqm selling area displaying 15,000 items. We have now grown to 30 branches, including eight in Jeddah, three in Taif, two in each of Madinah, Khamis Mushayt and Najran, one in each of Makkah and several other cities across the western and southern regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additional new branches are planned for 2012.

Our commitment from day one has been to provide excellent quality for low prices and this has not only earned us laurels from our clients but their loyal support and invaluable trust turning them into our dedicated customers.

What we do

Al-Raya have always operated 24 x 7 and we serve nearly 50,000 customers every day, with nearly 35,000 food and non-food items on the shelves arranged neatly using the best techniques of category management and one centralized distribution channel. We stock fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, health & beauty aid, bakery products, electronics & household products, fine jewelry & women´s accessories.

Through the vicissitudes of our business, we have gained experience, through experience, we have attained perfection, through perfection, we have achieved popularity and through popularity, we have increased our business.

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